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The Haunted Windchimes


The Haunted Windchimes sound draws from traditional folk and American roots music. The songs have a vintage quality, as if they might have been written yesterday or 75 years ago. Grounded in honeyed harmonies and spirited pickin’, it lies in a nowhere land between distinct styles: It’s not quite bluegrass or blues or country. Still, there are elements of all those in songs that paint pictures of empty train stations and nights of passing a jug of moonshine around. It’s the vocal harmonies that really set them apart, a three-headed juggernaut of Desirae Garcia (bass/bari.ukulele), Chela Lujan (banjo) and Inaiah Lujan (guitar). The sound is often moody and melancholy, but it is always deeply affecting. That sound is embroidered by the instrumental mastery and vocals of Mike Clark (fiddle, mandolin, guitar).

Vocals, Guitar / Inaiah Lujan
Bass, Baritone Uke, Vocals/ Desirae Garcia
Banjo, Vocals / Chela Lujan
Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals  / Mike Clark

These are songs of sweet shinings and those things that we aspire to when we see the light. The Haunted Windchimes are a scarily good group.
— Sean Moller - Paste Magazine / Daytrotter
They recreate the vibe of rural 1930s music with a contemporary consciousness. The rustic, honeyed harmonies are a delight.
— Bruce Sylvester - Sing Out!


"Sun Shining Bright" (Official music video)

"Little Box"

Live at The Walnut Room

"Make It Rain"


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Sleepy Baby EP

New music from The Haunted Windchimes! The “Sleepy Baby EP” contains 4 unreleased tracks. A special blend of folk, Americana, blues and haunting 3-part harmonies you’ve come to know and love.

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rattle your bones (2016)


live chimes
Vol. I (2015)

Honey Moonshine


out with the crow (2012)


live at the western jubilee (2011)